Our topic for the 2010 Summer term has been 'The Romans'. In it, we have learned about how we find out about the past and have been visited by an archaeologist. The whole school visited Hadrian's Wall and a local Roman army museum. The whole project finished with a march to the Roman fort of Birdoswald, where we all dressed up as Romans, were led by Maximus (a real centurion!) and had a Roman themed banquet. Here is what Leon wrote about the day:

On Thursday 17th June Lanercost C E Primary School went to Birdoswald to have a Roman day. We all dressed up in Roman costumes, it was to sum up our topic.

First we all came into school and got into our costumes (chaos!!!), when we came into the classroom we found the centurion Maximus waiting for us! He was dressed exactly as a Roman soldier and he talked to us about Romans and how they did things in that time. It was really interesting, he told us lots of disgusting facts, including the horrible way they cleaned their teeth!

After that we got onto the bus, soon it was full of Romans! The bus dropped us off 1 ½ miles away from school. Then we walked 2 ¾ miles to the fort of Birdoswald. We had to sit on the grass and wait in until it was time for our Roman banquet. Before we went in, our feet were washed by servants – this was a custom in Roman times.

After lunch we had a tour around Birdoswald and looked at the museum and the remains of the fort. Then, we joined up with the best centurion in the legion…MAXIMUS!!! He taught us the orders which soldiers would have to follow, as well as the testudo, and all the other techniques of the all-powerful Roman army. After the training we came back to school and went home!

My favourite part was the training! We learned loads of interesting facts and things about the Romans from Maximus. The lunch was by far way better than the usual lunch!
by Leon

The Romans

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