Experience Easter 2012
As part of our preparations for Easter, Rev Rod invited us over to Lanercost Priory for 'Experience Easter'. The whole school spent an afternoon learning about the Easter story and visiting a series of 6 'stations' which had been set up beforehand by ourselves and 2 other local schools.

Each station focused on a key moment in the Easter story and had a member of the community in charge of it. The children were organised into groups and spent a short time at each one, discussing the story. At each point, they were involved in a brief activity. For instance, at the ‘Hope and Dreams’ station, the children had to write their hopes for the future on a stone and walk along a road lined with palm leaves to place their stone at the foot of a cross. At the ‘Servant King’ station, a child in each group had their feet washed in very cold water as we thought about what it meant to serve others.

Afterwards, back in school, we have done some follow up activities, reflecting on the meaning each station. This work will form the basis of our Easter service for 2012 and is on display in the priory.
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