Tudor Exploration
Our topic for Autumn 2012 has been 'Tudor Exploration', and we have been learning about Tudor kings and queens, what life was like in Tudor times and about the lives of famous explorers like Sir Walter Raleigh.

To start the topic off, Julie LLoyd (an actress in the role of a Tudor lady, Elizabeth Howard) visited school to tell us all about Tudor life. Whilst she was here, she set us a challenge - to arrange a Tudor banquet at nearby Naworth Castle, home of the Howard family.

Since then, we have been learning about the food eaten in the 1500s (lots of meat for the rich, potage for the poor) and about Tudor table manners (for instance, they didn't have forks, only knives and spoons). In class, we are making knotted biscuits and 'Maids of Honour Cakes', which were named after Queen Elizabeth's maids of honour when she lived at Richmond Palace. The rest of the food for the banquet has been very kindly provided by the Friends of Lanercost School (FOLS).
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